.htaccess file changes disappear

This is what happens in a Wordpress (Woocommerce) site I've been asked to investigate.

1) I make a modification to .htaccess and save it.

Here's output of the ls -command

% ls -l
-r--r--r--  1 user group   248 Sep  7 11:31 .htaccess

2) Just a moment later

% ls -l
-r--r--r--  1 user group   235 Jul 20 09:42 .htaccess

The changes have disappeared. Note the changed date in the file (apparently it is copied from somewhere).

What is causing this? And how do I stop it from happening?

Answers 2

  • As I see, the file has read only for all. Could it be that it is deleted and a new file is added? See this answer, read only files can be removed with rm

    To be procise: a plugin, server feature or some other custom code (maybe in functions.php?).

    You could analyze the file by checking what updates are made to it using tail or watch You could check who or what last modified the file (applies to user changes) Normally if you disable all plugins step by step and exclude each of them, then it's something with the server.

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