How to get data from WordPress site sql file

I have an SQL file of my WordPress site but I lost my project files. So if I import the sql into my DB then can I run the sql with new database file? Or is there any other way to back the previous data?

Answers 1

  • The problem is that your images reside in /wp-content/uploads/ and without this folder, everything will be restored except images and some files you have previously uploaded to the Media Library. The plugin(s) and the theme you used could be installed (uploaded and activated) again.

    To backup a WordPress websites you only need to backup the following:

    • /wp-content/plugins/ - to backup the plugin(s) you use
    • /wp-content/themes/ - you only need to backup your active theme, the theme you're using
    • /wp-content/uploads/ - Mostly for your images and other things you have uploaded to the Media Library
    • And of course your database

    Without these folders, you get all your post and pages back, but since you have no files and/or folders of your website, you will have no images, no plugins and you will have to install your plugin(s) and theme again or use another one.

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